Wants to Work, Job Vacancies Provider Sites that are Awarded ‘Best Job Portal’ Category

After being officially released in Indonesia on June 8, 2018, the MauKerja portal is ready to provide various information about Indonesian job vacancies . Even though it still sounds strange and not familiar to our ears, but this job provider portal has already been known as one of the empty service provider sites or job vacancies in Malaysia.

 the MauKerja portal is ready to provide various information about Indonesian job vacancies .
Best Job Portal

Thousands of the latest job openings are presented through the Maukerja website every day. Not only provides job vacancies from the formal sector, but also from the informal or non-executive sectors such as factory operators, technicians, restaurant crews, drivers, admin and many more.

Best Job Vacancies Portal Asian Recruitment Awards 2018

Want Work has a commitment to be able to present as many as possible the most updated and credible job openings in all sectors and levels of employment so that all people with various educational backgrounds and experiences can have the same opportunity to get suitable jobs.

This commitment turned out to be not just a figment of this matter as evidenced by the award just won by MauKerja as the ‘Best Job Portal’ at the 2018 Asia Recruitment Awards on 12 April 2018 ago.

According to their team, a user friendly website, attractive page design, and a comprehensive brand strategy, as well as high page views are all factors that are believed to be able to make MauKerja win one category in one of these prestigious awards.

Interesting Features in MauKerja

Next, let’s discuss the appearance of the MauKerja.id portal . Broadly speaking, this job vacancy portal has a minimalist concept. Without annoying advertisements it makes the site convenient when accessed.

In addition to the always updated job openings, the features in this portal are also quite simple and easy to follow. In addition, this site is also mobile friendly so that users can access MauKerja.id more easily through smartphone devices.

On the first page, the portal visitor will see the registration feature for job seekers. Job seekers only need to enter their full name, email address and password to register and use the service on the Maukerja portal.

After that, you will be presented with the latest job vacancies recommendations. To find suitable job vacancies, you can take advantage of available filter features such as positions in what company, work location and minimum salary.

Not only that, you can still do a more specific filter based on the criteria sought, such as by category of type of work, last education, company contacts, and many more. Hopefully job seekers can really find job vacancies that are suitable for their respective conditions.

To facilitate job seekers found by the company, MauKerja will ask you to complete your profile page. Some information that is needed include basic information, work experience, education history, language mastered, skills, activities, references, and resumes.

Besides being able to make it easier for you to get more suitable job vacancies. By completing your profile the opportunity for the company to glance at you becomes much bigger.

Recruitment Solution for the Company

Not only the MauKerja portal, Brightan System as the developer company for the MauKerja portal also provides e-recruitment solutions for companies. The service is called A Job Thing , an integrated solution system for companies to find the best candidates for each position in the company.

In Malaysia, A Job Thing has played an e-recruitment solution for many big brands like Watson, Starbucks, Parkson, McDonalds, Giants, and many more.

A Job Thing will select the most suitable candidates from all job seekers who register through MauKerja so that the recommended candidates are the best candidates and best fit the criteria desired by the company.

Why so? Because in the process of selecting the A Job Thing system will see which candidate profiles are most appropriate, and if necessary, an online test can be performed for the appropriate candidate.

By implementing this system can certainly cut the recruitment time for the company’s HRD team. The recruitment process which usually takes a long time is no longer valid if the company uses A Job Thing services as an integrated solution in the recruitment process of its employees.